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With the growing upsurge in the number of people who opt for personal mode of transportation for commute in place of the public mode, the demand for driving lessons for people of various age groups have been increasing by the day. To cater to this growing demand, we at Access Driving Academy, have set ourselves up with driving lesson regimes that are designed in a manner that enables us to fulfill the needs of any kind. We have a very flexible system of lessons that allows you to learn at your convenience and at times that you are comfortable with. We are not bound by any strict fixed style or system and ensure that we serve the needs in the most pleasant and effective way.

From Driving Basics to the ultimate Road Testing, we have a bunch of professionals to assist you at all stages. These professionals are trained and certified to provide top-notch services and you get all of this at an affordable cost. Our work environment is extremely friendly and our staffs are approachable. They are ready to help you out with everything without any reluctance. They are well trained in safety measures and they transfer the same to all the clients.

Our top specialisations include flexible lesson programs, affordable price, no limitation of time binding, a proper road testing which serves as a test to assess your progress, we provide a test car for the same, our highly trained and potent staffs, among others. With us, you are sure to get the best driving lessons at the most affordable cost and it will be exclusive for your needs to suit your convenience. From newbies to elderly drives and those with lapsed licenses, we at Access Driving Academy, have only the best services for all.

Why choose Access Driving

Although the innumerable happy clients that we endorsed and the exclusive nature of our programs speak for themselves, we find it a responsibility to make you aware of why we are the best out there and how choosing us for your driving education can turn out to be one of the best decisions that you made.


We play by the rules!

We have teams of highly skilled professionals who are certified and capable of dealing with our customers in the best way with the treasure trove of information that they have to offer. They know the rules of the field and they make sure that you know every bit of what it takes to carry yourself properly on the road on your own.


Unique Timing Structure

We let you decide the perfect time for you to take on this venture of mastering this much needed skill. We won't impose any pre-made routines on you. We believe in morphing our regimes to suit your convenience. With us timing is never an issue.


Class Formats

We have a bunch of class formats to choose from. Know that you are not trapped in any rigidity and that each of our formats is equally efficient as the other.


Affordable Fee Structure

All of these prime services come to you at a surprisingly affordable amount. We can assure you that our pricing is the best out there and that we offer services which will make you believe that every buck that you spend is worth it.

Just looking for lessons?

Whether you are an existing driver or a new driver who needs help preparing for road test we have package options that can help you.

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The school offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.